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Britt Parrish


Britt moved to Tulsa in April 2021 and saw a need in the city for more ways that plant parents could meet and do "planty things" together. With her passion for plants and experience in taking care of over 150+ of her own, she wanted to help build the plant community with fun and creative in-person events centered around houseplant education to inspire and teach others how to be better plant parents while meeting those who share the same passion. 

With her love for plants and enthusiasm about teaching and showing others what helps her thriving houseplant collection, she has grown a community of over 100K on social media and plans to bring "the vibes" to plant parents all across the country.

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Colleen Holliday


Colleen was surrounded by tropical plants being born in California. She always loved the tall palm trees, flowing banana plants and outstanding cactus. Besides this experience, Colleen grew up around her mothers beautiful vegetable garden and flowers. These times led to her love and appreciation for plants and the good feelings of having a part of nature in her home with house plants.

It was a no brainer to get involved strategically with PSV. It has been a joy watching her daughter, the Founder, grow this venture into an international powerhouse.
Her mission it to make sure all guests and friends that come in to the PSV family of events have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.



Britt Parrish was born and raised in Detroit, MI where from a very early childhood, learned how to garden from her grandmother. With that instilled within her, those lessons came full circle during the pandemic, where like many others, she started her plant parenthood journey. 


When she moved to Tulsa in April 2021, what became a personal journey of growth and healing that her 150+ houseplants helped her through, blossomed into wanting to share her passion and lessons with others. 


With encouragement from her mom and friends, she curated her first Plant and Sip event in Tulsa, OK in Nov 2021. Through her journey, she realized how much having the space and opportunities for plant parents to engage, learn and network with likeminded individuals was needed. 


Having some experience in event planning and being naturally creative, Plant.Sip.Vibe manifested itself and has led to much success in Tulsa.


 Her mission is showing and educating people all around the world on the benefits that houseplants provide, the joy in being a plant parent and spread the message that 

“There’s a Plant for Everyone.” 

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